I. Matify your lipstick

• After applying lip color take a small amount of translucent powder onto fingertips and pat

II. Set Concealer x Foundation
• I know this is a common use but just as a reminder a little goes a long way.
III Eyelid Primer
• If you have oily lids like I do using a bit of translucent powder over the eyelid before eyeshadow application is a miracle. * I use this in conjunction with an eyeshadow base.
IV. Remove Eyeshadow Fall Out
• Use a bit underneath the eyes before eye shadow application to catch any loose eyeshadow. After eye look is complete simply use a moist towelette to wipe away.
Prime your lips before application
• After you’ve prepped your lips use a bit of translucent powder over the lips to prepare them for color application.
I hope these tips were helpful. How to you use your translucent powder? Share your tips and tricks below. And if you try any of these tips please share your results with me on Facebook and Twitter 
be you be beautiful ♥