I. Exfoliate

• Exfoliating helps to remove any dead or peeling skin from the lips creating a smooth and supple canvas ready for lip color. Recipe(s): Sugar Lip Scrub, Brown Sugar Lip Scrub

II. Moisturize

• You always want to moisturize your lips before applying any lip color. Moisturizing the lips even with matte lip colors helps to keep lips soft, prevent dryness, and reduce creasing and feathering of the lip color into the lips.

III. Blot

• After you have applied your moisturizer and allowed it to settle a bit into the lips you always want to blot any excess moisture before applying your lip color.

I hope these tips helped. How do you prep your lips for lip color? If you have any tips or tricks please share them in the comments. And if you try any of these tips please share your results with me on Facebook and Twitter

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